Saturday, May 5, 2012

Humor in language for today

When I left Ukraine, I stored one box of things. To be honest, I hardly remembered what I had kept here so it was a little like a Christmas present. Today, I wanted to go in the storage room and retrieve that box. So, I asked my friend Igor, the building manager here at the Center (Home of Hope Ministry Center) if he would give me the key so that I could go get my “Klubnicka.” However, he was quite perplexed as to why I would have put a “strawberry” in storage. Of, course, that is not what I meant to say, so I searched my memory banks and came up with the right word, “Karova.” When Igor started laughing, I realized that my memory had misfired again. Storing a “cow” is even less practical than storing fruit. So, the word for “box” is “Karobka” and the good news is that I remember it now.

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Rachel said...

haha, that's awesome! Glad you're having fun readjusting!