Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 the year of the dentist

So, for me, 2012 is the year of the dentist.  I have been to the dentist five times this year and I am far from finished!

It all started when I was in Colorado at a missionary training.  There was a tooth I had work done on about ten years ago that broke.  This was a problem!!!  I had previously had a root canal, so I had no pain, but I went to the doctor right away.  Of course, there were many options, but none of them were simply filling the tooth, you cannot do that when only half the tooth remains - go figure.  Option one was to perform a surgery that would lift my gum line allowing them to cap the tooth.  Option two was to remove the tooth and then a whole list of options - mainly to implant a new tooth, make a bridge with other teeth, or leave it open.  All of these ideas took lots of time and money.  So, I prayed.   God provided funds and I went to the dentist again.

Now, it had been some time since I had gone to the dentist just to visit.  So, my first visit, they wanted to do an x-ray and a check-up of my other teeth - good, but bad news - cavities!  YUCK.  But, God provided funds and I was planning to leave the country for more than 2 years,  I should get things taken care of.  So, I made another appointment to have my teeth cleaned and then we made a plan for the other teeth.  I can again to the dentist, and he filled three teeth on the right side of my mouth - I know, it is scandalous!  Then just 3 days before I came to Ukraine, I went to the dentist again to have my broken tooth removed and the tooth next to it filled.

Now, this is the point were I admit that I had a lot of trouble giving up that silly tooth.  It may not seem so, but I am a little vain.  I really like my smile and I do not want to be missing teeth.  It really was a difficulty for me, but it had to be done.  SO, I am now missing a tooth.  A couple of sweet things that help me to know I am loved.  First, a friend who is Italian made me show her my missing tooth and she said "Shushan, now you look Russian."  That made me laugh, in truth, if it were replaced with a gold tooth I would look Russian.  The other really sweet thing, two of our pastors here in Ukraine are missing the same tooth - I know that is silly, but for some reason it made me feel more connected to them and loved - it doesn't have to make sense, I am so glad.  (at this point, I should mention I have a half written blog about the healing of the whole where my tooth was - it is amazing how God made us.  I have watched with interest as it has been "knit" back together - it is amazing!)

Okay, so, I figure I am done with the dentist, at least for a while - right?  So, a couple of days ago I was eating a piece of bread - the best bread in the world is in Ukraine and I am eating it everyday!  Anyway, eating bread - pretty soft stuff - and my bottom tooth hits the filling in my top tooth and pain - I felt real pain!  Well, now that is NOT normal.  But it did not do it again...for a while.  So, I have no sensitivity to hot or cold, but randomly, if I hit is just right, KA BAM, pain, shooting pain.  I have determined with my extensive medical knowledge that this is not normal.  Any guesses what I will be doing on Friday???

If anyone is awake around 2am Indiana time, pray for me, I will be in the dentist chair! 

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