Monday, July 7, 2008

Camp Day 4 - Monday

- This morning I feel so much better. By 10:30 last night I was no longer able to process anything being said in Russian. After three nights of less than five hours of sleep and 3 days of hearing and speaking almost totally Russian, my brain was super tired. I totally bailed out of the staff meeting after lights out last night. I slept deeply last night, I didn’t even hear my roommates when they came in. I was up at six this morning and ready for our staff prayer and devotional time at 6:30. I am praising God for the amazing staff he has put together for this camp.

- Today there were a couple of hiccups with craft time. I am flexing. The schedule was changed last night at the meeting I skipped. So, instead of craft time starting at 11, it started at 10. So thinking I was 40 minutes early and had time to get things set up, I arrived 20 minutes late and unprepared. Also, the groups were switched. I thought I was going to have the young boy group and instead had the older girl group. They were not remarkably pleased with the simple craft, but we all had fun anyway.

- Another blessing, I realized today, I am totally ready for camp meetings when I am on HMA, I am sure nothing will come up that I am not ready to deal with after this camp experience!

- My squishy face Luda is going to stay at camp, PTL!

- The weather has been cold, so today, all of the tents were lifted up and hay was stuffed underneath. Interesting! Now all the tents look a little funny because they are up off the ground.

- Vladim and Andrey, the counselors for the younger boys are doing an amazing job! They have 15 boys age ten and younger and they seem to have the perfect balance of sternness and love and the little guys just love them. Tonight during our evening service, we were singing a version of “If you’re happy and you know it” and during one of the verses we snapped our fingers. Super sweet, after the service, I saw Vladim giving Benjamin and Oleg snapping lessons. How important Christian men are in the lives of these boys. So many of them lack any kind of male roll model.

- Today was a difficult day. The well was working, but now it is broken again. Our 60 liter drum is leaking. Leana, our director is feeling sick. Dema, our cook, went home for his fiance’s graduation. Our meeting tent was broken by the wind. No swimming because it is cold and windy and all the children are a little disgruntled about that. And poor Arkodye had to deal with everything. Praying that tomorrow will be better.

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