Monday, July 7, 2008

Camp Day 9 Saturday

- This morning many of the adults are dressed as and acting like campers. One camper from each group has been appointed counselor and the adults are acting out all the problem behaviors – it is very funny! Andrey, one of the counselors for the younger boys, is making Maxim, his “new” counselor crazy. All he has been talking about is food. Andrey says, “I am hungry” and “I want to eat”. After listing all the things he wants to eat: sausage, cheese, fish, he began to say over and over again, “now, now, I want to eat now.” Finally, in exasperation, Maxim sat down and said, “me too!” Poor kid, but really quite funny.

- It is adorable when little people correct my grammar. Its like “is this what you are trying to say?” I love it.

- Today, there was an obstacle course full of difficult situations. As the groups went through, the adults would try to help them to make good decisions. At one point, the younger boys were trapped in a net and every solution they suggested was rejected. Finally, one of the little boys said, “let’s pray.” Everyone agreed it was a sound idea. Another boy said “okay, the Lord’s Prayer” (which they had been learning during their Bible lesson) “No, no,” came the response of another boy, “let’s just pray a normal prayer”. Who knew the Lord’s Prayer wasn’t a normal prayer? This funniest part was the gasp and shocked expression from their counselor Andrey, I couldn’t help laughing out loud. I can only imagine what they will talk about in their quiet time before bed tonight.

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