Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a new update

Hi All,

I have been planning to post for more than a week, it is amazing how time gets away from me. I actually have a notebook with four blogs written, but I failed to bring it to the computer lab, so I will plan to send those later. I took a test today that I don't think I did very well on. So far, I have earned A's on all my tests, but the one today in Christian Education wasn't so great, I would be really happy with a B. I truly am enjoying all of my classes, probably my favorite is Minor Prophets - I really find everything I am learning to be remarkably interesting.

Just FYI, I am taking 17 credit hours -
English Grammar - mainly because this will help me to teach English
Minor Prophets
Intro to Missions - I am enjoying this class a lot
Intro to Christian Education - you would think this class would be easy, but lots of theory
Foundations of Faith - which is a first level theology course
Spiritual Worldview Formation - you will be happy to learn I have a Biblical Worldview :-)

A of course, my Thursday night Russian lesson - I am so encouraged by all that I am remembering, I am blessed to have a tutor - God is so good!

I am also working 10 hours per week in the library, cooking for a couple of hours on Saturday, and picking up cleaning hours when I can fit them in my schedule.

In other news, I have fall break October 24-27. I have found a ride home. One of the other students lives in Michigan and he drives straight up I69 to get home. I was explaining to him where I live and he said he often stops at the Gas City exit to eat, I am praising the Lord. Me riding with him will be a help for him too, because I will help cover the cost of his gas. I have promised I will not talk continuously on the way home, so I hope I will have a ride to and from home for all of my breaks - again, God has provided in an amazing way.

What else, we have been participating in the "Concert of Prayer". Every night at 9:05pm a group of students has gathered in the parlor of one of the dorms for a prayer time for the country featured that day. It has been a wonderful time. Each night a different person leads the time and shares about the country, praises, and prayer requests. It has been a wonderful time of fellowship and prayer, but even more a time to really focus on what God is doing in the world.

Well, I am going to run. I need to go to the library before it closes, I have overdue materials - that is not a good thing when you are a library employee.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. May God bless you!
In Him,

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Jared said...

Hey, Shushan. I enjoy your updates! Glad you found a ride home to Indiana. Have a great week!