Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well, I think everyone knows that I want to be able to speak Russian. Well, honestly, I want to be able to speak Russian well. I already speak some. On a side note, I use to always say I wanted to be able speak Russian like a second grader - that was my goal. After 2 years in Ukraine, I honestly believe, God blessed me and I reached that goal. When I was still in Ukraine, I was expressing my frustration with my many grammatical mistakes and my friend Sasha told me that I should have prayed that God would help me to learn to speak Russian like a fifth grader.

At any rate, after so much prayer, time, and effort, I really want to retain the Russian I have learned and it would be great if I could learn more during my time here in America. Then, when I return to Ukraine, I can learn Ukrainian. So, before I came home, I began praying for a native Russian speaker to tutor me. Now, keeping in mind, I did not move to a metropolitan area. I am living in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. But I kept praying. When I arrived here at KMBC, I asked people, if they knew any Russian speakers. They all looked at me like I was perhaps crazy and said no. But God gave me a confidence He would provide. To one person, I actually replied, "well, don't be surprised if a Russian speaker moves here".

Anyway, I was invited to share about Ukraine at a boarding school about 10 miles from KMBC. Before I presented, I played a game with the students using the Russian alphabet and I was informed that the game wasn't really fair because they have TWO students that were adopted from Russia so they already know the alphabet. Praise the Lord! One of those students, a sixteen year old girl named Ana has agreed to be my tutor. The coolest thing of all, she wants to return to Russia when she finishes college and serve God there. She is so excited to have someone excited about speaking and learnign Russian.

God is SO GOOD!

On another note, in my excitement of sharing this praise, one of my professors and his wife asked me how I will go the 10 miles each week for my lessons. Well, to be honest, I hadn't thought that far ahead and when they asked I said, I am not sure how God will provide that yet. They answered, you can borrow our car to drive to and from your lesson. Again, praise the Lord! I am so amazed by His provision and His goodness to me. What a wonderful confirmation that He is preparing me to return to Ukraine.


Michelle said...

God is amazing, isn't He!! I'm so glad you'll be able to keep working on your Russian...and have a ride! Thanks for the update!!

twana johnson said...

Hi Shushan - I know you will not b able to check email and blog so will just add a comment to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers and that you are such an example of trusting in God - we all need to be reminded of that and continually put it in practice as you do. Do not loss the wonder of His presence.