Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a praise

God is so amazing to me. I am amazed how much I have grown and how much He has changed me. I remember when I attended college before and I HAD to work two jobs. I remember crying about it, struggling over it, and failing. Why, did I have to work two jobs - I had to have a place to live and a car to drive and bills for myself and helping others. I am intelligent, but I could not do it all, and failing in college before has always been a difficult subject for me.
Returning to school now, at 33 years old, I see that those things I struggled with and that compelled me to work the way I did, really come down to pride in myself and a failure to trust God. So, humbly and trusting, I am attending Kentucky Mountain Bible College. I am living in the dorm, eating cafeteria food, I have no car and no income, and so much joy. Before I came, I prayerfully struggled with returning to school, and now I am so excited about how I can see God at work here. I am amazed at the plans he has for me and I am so happy to be here in this place. And I am trusting Him to provide for me while I am here.

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