Tuesday, September 16, 2008

just silliness

God has really blessed me with the dorm situation here at school. It was something I was REALLY dreading, but honestly, it is great. I am in the "older" dorm. The new dorm is airconditioned and the building is nicer. Several of the rooms have carpet and multiple windows, truly, it is very nice. The dorm I am in is not as nice, but much less populated. There are only five girls in my dorm (the first floor houses the student center and the book store), two on the second floor and three on the third. The two other girls on my floor are also non-traditional students, which has been really great for me. One is a junior and the other has also been out of school for a while and this is her first semeser back in college. She is also not from Kentucky, so we have had a lot of fun experiencing new things here.

We very much enjoy the accents we hear, honestly the other day neither of us had any idea what was being said to us. We are enjoying the long winding roads (she has a car) that narrow to one lane and seem to be headed no where and then suddenly come out at either a highway or a driveway, you never no which it will be. We found a well marked quicksand area and bridges that seems to go everywhere and nowhere. Two of our favorite things are the little houses built on the edge of the road for school bus stops, which more than once have also held a sign stating "Beware of dog" and the fact that the hardware store has a pet section with dogs, cats, bunnies, fish, everything.

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Rachel Elwood said...

Maybe people in Kentucky are more in touch with their softer sides - you know, like they're going to the hardware store, and gosh darn it, they want to play with the kittens.

Love you! Glad you like your living situation!