Tuesday, March 9, 2010


God has given me so many gifts, I am so thankful for my personality, for my love of people, for my ability to get things done, I am a brain stormer, I am full of ideas, I think quickly, I am a multi-tasker. God has worked in my heart and life and he has built character in me that reflects Him more and more.

There are some skills I do not have, I would like to have them, but am unwilling to invest the time in them. I would like to play the piano, I would like to sew, I would like to read and understand Greek and Hebrew, I would like to read all the classic literature, I would like to be able to pull vault (I mean that is a crazy skill), how amazing it would be to be in the Olympics, to do some of those sports - bobsledding, ice skating, diving, gymnastics, I would like to garden, milk a cow.

There are other skills that I do not have and to be honest, I really don't want to be able to do them, I don't want to be able to drive and pull a trailer (or a boat or really anything), I don't want to do accounting and budgeting, I don't want to be good with direction or read maps, I don't want to know how to plan for retirement. Silly things really, the realities of life some times are not fun. Praying God will help me to do the things I need to be able to do whether I am skilled or not, whether I want to or not.

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