Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wow, how time passes!

I am amazed how time gets away from me! I feel like I have not neglected this blog as completely as I have - oops! God will do something amazing and I fall into the trap of thinking I will write that in my update so I don't want to blog about it. But in truth, I do want to blog about it. When it comes time for my update, I do not have enough space so I fail to write about all the amazing things! What a waster I am, I should be openly passing God! SO, today's praises

1. I am at 46%!!! Now, I would like to say that I do not believe that is really an accurate number because I was in two amazing churches on Sunday and 5 or 6 people talked with me about the possibility of taking out monthly support in the ministry in Ukraine. I really believe I am going to be pushed over 50% very soon and I am so EXTREMELY happy, excited, blessed, overwhelmed... but overall praising God for all He is doing!

2. The van was fixed! After about 25 days and a new transmission, axle, and radiator. Sadly, it did not remained fixed, but it is in the shop again and I am sure the leak will be quickly fixed. In the mean time, God has provided a way for me to get everywhere I need to be. The place that I am "stranded" without transportation is really sweet! People I love, chapel and revival services, a place to sleep. I really have need of nothing and God has used this time. He has fed me and filled me up! Truly, I feel almost like I have been on a retreat and I am so thankful.

3. Spiritual growth - God has been helping me with an area of my life that I don't like to focus on. During this time, He has been showing me places that I am weak that He wants to make me strong. It has been difficult, but truly I feel He is giving me victory - I promise more information about this in my update for September.

Well, truly lots of reasons to praise and I promise more info soon.
In Him,

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